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'Fit for Fall'
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Check Out How We Have Systematized The Transformation Process... the results are insane!
You're Gonna Get...
  •  'Fast Track' Nutrition seminar: 60 minute live seminar where we will educate you on the latest research on how to transform your body. YOU NEED THIS!!!
  •  Metabolic Makeover Meal Plan: A custom built meal plan that shows you EXACTLY what your week should look like, including shopping list and recipes. They are the most delicious meal plans on the planet!
  •  Hybrid Method Workouts: You get 6 weeks of mix modality training that burns up to 2X the fat of traditional cardio and weight training. 
  •  Extreme Accountability: On top of weekly weigh ins we provide a proven accountability program that gives you access to a private Facebook group for constant communication, encouragement, live chats, answers and support! 
  • Community support: Our built in group structure makes a HUGE difference in people  pushing themselves and staying on track! Nothing better than taking on a life                transforming challenge TOGETHER! 
  •  We are Local: We are just off the 9000 south exit in Sandy at 8385 south Allen street. Unit 140. Easy to get to so that you can fit it in your schedule.
Hello, I'm Taylor.
I am the Head Coach of The New Body Challenge in Salt Lake City Utah. I am a wife, mother, Personal Trainer, Foodie and lover of the outdoors.

I get it. Nobody taught you how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle either. I completely understand and exactly why we created the 6 week New Body Challenge. Cutting edge research delivered to you by coaches that truly care so that you can get the results you deserve. This is your moment and we got you!
Pillar #1
Our Hybrid Method of training burns up to 2X the fat compared to traditional cardio or weight training routines and up to 1,000 calories per session. We have combined the most effective modalities of fitness and arefully woven them into a program that not only challenges you but changes you from the inside out!
Pillar #2
We get it... no one taught us how to eat either. So that's why we will educate you on everything from Ketogenic diets all the way to Intermittent Fasting. You also receive a custom meal plan so all your bases are covered. You will FINALLY know everything you need to know so you can create the body you have always wanted!
Pillar #3
This is the secret sauce. If we gave one tip that outweighed everything else in the fitness industry it would be to hold yourself accountable! This is the key ingredient behind every great transformation and we do just that with weekly check ins and a 24/7 hub to communicate on a daily basis.
We will set goals and make sure you are on track to hitting those each and every week.
*Challenge Starts October 8th. Apply Now!* 
There are only 3 spots left of 15
If you are anything like us you just want to cut to the chase. We are looking for 15 ladies who are committed NOT interested in CHANGING THEIR BODY FOR GOOD. We will give you the most up to date training, nutrition and supplementation on the planet (used with the above transformations and so many more). We are real people who are looking to grow our new Sandy Utah location to get our name out in the community. Please help us as we help you.
    There are only 3 Spots left of 15
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